We are able to provide total solutions for the industrial market, and we complete structures for the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and food-processing industries. With our many years of experience, we are able to successfully accomplish the most challenging and complex projects.

Non-residential construction

We are a contractor for industrial construction and are known for delivering high-quality plants for customers. We are able to successfully complete the most challenging and complex of projects in terms of both technology and planning. In fact, you will find our steelwork in plants and power stations across the Netherlands and abroad. Examples of plants that we have completed are the dairy facilities used by the A-Ware Group, Fonterra and Friesland Campina, plus steel structures, stairs and landings for the largest private agricultural company in Belarus.

Tank construction

We also have expertise within the Trusteel Group in the design, construction and manufacture of stainless steel storage and process tanks. As an experienced tank constructor, we make tanks for any industry, including general storage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and the food-processing, dairy and chemical industries. We design fully bespoke tanks and produce them in one of our production halls. Our skilled specialists would be happy to work with you at every stage of the project. We use both road and water to transport our tanks to locations at home and abroad.

State-of-the-art plant

We focus on the development and completion of effective solutions for our customers’ production processes in our versatile and state-of-the-art plant. How do we do it? With a comprehensive range of services, from turnkey projects to installation work and service. We provide all facilities, expertise and labour for the production and assembly of systems and machinery, plus accompanying technical support. Our experts are also available to carry out maintenance and inspection on site.



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Modular pouring tables – Bativo B.V.

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22 mei 2023

Expansion of sluice complex – Afsluitdijk

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19 januari 2024