Leading market position

The Trusteel Group’s ambition is to become the major player at the top of the Dutch manufacturing industry. We want to strengthen our position in a number of growth markets and conquer new markets, operating increasingly outside the Netherlands. We aim to accomplish this by providing outstanding construction support and engineering, by using smart and sustainable solutions and by improving our marketing. We also aim to intensify collaboration between our group’s eight divisions. By taking advantage of economies of scale and pooled knowledge, we can better serve our customers with appropriate, sustainable solutions. Jointly, we can oversee the entire chain, from the concept through to completion, and thereby give our customers total peace of mind. And by continuing to invest in innovation and digitalisation, we are also able to keep pace with customers’ changing requirements.


Sustainability and innovation

Sustainable enterprise remains a key topic within the Trusteel Group, and we endeavour to meet the needs of our customers with solutions that minimise impact on the environment and on society. We do this by developing sustainable solutions for industries like the recycling industry, using smart technologies and building circularly with steel. Making our own operations more sustainable also plays an important role. We configure our business processes as efficiently as possible and actively work to reduce our own CO2 emissions. We generate renewable energy using solar panels and promote the reuse of buildings, products, materials and raw materials. This ensures that we minimise our environmental footprint and can continue to successfully build a future-proof living environment.


Developing the organisation and talent

Our employees are our uppermost priority. We see it as our responsibility to create a safe and healthy working environment in which our employees can perform to their best abilities and continue their journey of development. We offer them ample opportunity and development options to help them. After all, developing skills is extremely important when it comes to organisational growth. In addition to investing in their own employees, organisational growth also requires attracting new talent. We would like to be amongst the more attractive and safe employers within our industry. We also want to continuously promote and support work in engineering by strengthening education and tailoring training to the needs of the labour market.