Quality, sustainability and safety form the foundation of our operational management. Improving the quality of our activities and processes (in terms of the environment) is therefore also a theme that we are constantly working on in our organisations. We demonstrate this with the certifications we have obtained, namely, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA**. 

What's more, we are continuing to focus on a proactive safety culture. Last year, we were level 3-certified on the Safety Culture Ladder. This certification shows how safety conscious we are and that we take responsibility for working safely as an organisation. We have also been certified for level 5 of the CO2 performance ladder. Since as far back as 2015, we have been consciously working on reducing CO2 emissions, with a 44% reduction as an interim result.

Certificate: ISO 9001

Certificate: ISO 14001

Certificate: VGM Checklist Aannemers (VCA**)

Certificate: Safety Culture Ladder

Certificate: CO2 Prestatieladder