For Van Merksteijn International, we fitted new cladding to the façade and roof of the shipping hall as the former cladding had reached the end of its useful life. We dismantled the cladding from the building, situated aside the N36, and fitted new roof and wall structures.


Replaced facade

Work commenced in April 2022. The 400-metre façade was replaced in one go. The former sheet piling was disassembled and replaced with new 1035 steel sheet piling profiles It took eight working weeks to complete the façade refit, using a ten-tonne metre crane and three aerial working platforms. Van Merksteijn International remained fully operational throughout the works.


New roof cladding

In July 2022, we disassembled the existing roof cladding and replaced it with 3155 m² of galvanised and profiled steel sheets. The roof structure has a thickness of 0.88 mm and is secured to the substructure with stud nails.

In addition to the roof and wall cladding, we also installed the flashing, roof pieces and a 400-metre roof cap. We fitted the office space with a powder-coated ‘flower frame’ – a modern detail in which the window frame protrudes beyond the façade.

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