Commissioned by the Daiwa Group and working in collaboration with our sister company, Kampstaal, we completed an expansion to the production hall operated by Jan Snel in Eemshaven.


Extension hall

Jan Snel is a manufacturer and supplier of modular housing solutions; we previously fitted the existing hall with roof and wall structures back in 2018. Jan Snel, part of the Daiwa Group, has experienced considerable growth in recent years, necessitating an increase in capacity. The company commissioned us again in 2022, this time to expand the existing production hall.


FM Approved insulation

We completed the expansion in collaboration with Kampstaal. We started with the installation of 3600 m² of roof sheets and covering, the latter comprising 140 mm thick FM-Approved PIR insulation. The roof structure installation proved something of a challenge due to the weather conditions and strong winds in Eemshaven.


installation on location

In addition to the roof cladding, we mounted the wall structures around the 80x50x14 metre (LxWxH) industrial hall. On the extension, we mounted around 2,500 m² of sandwich panel wall structure above the concrete parapet. We also fitted six new overhead doors and six skylights – four at 15x2 metres and two at 20x4 metres, which were assembled by our team on site. Skylights allow plenty of natural light to enter, reducing the need for artificial light.

Jan Snel remained operational throughout the works and was able to continue operations with no disruption. The expansion project was completed in April 2023.

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