The Beam line

With demand on the increase, both in volume and quality, we decided to invest in a fully new FICEP Beam line. The new machine line allows us to reach higher production speeds, greater precision and improved efficiency with increased reliability of delivery to customers. The Beam line is equipped with a blasting machine, drill, saw and a coping robot.

Blasting unit

The blasting unit is equipped with a high-tech control system with automatic batch and distance setting. For optimal blasting, the software ensures not only the right speed during the blasting process, but also the right distance between products.

The products are fed to the blasting machine by a fully automatic feed conveyor. After blasting, the blasting grit is removed with a brush and a blower. They are automatically positioned at the right height above the blasted material. The blasting grit is separated from the dirt and transported to a separator, where the remaining material is then recycled.

Drilling unit

The drilling unit can handle even the most difficult of materials. The material only needs to be measured once, and can then be machined in just one go. This increases the capacity of the machine. Up-to-date control software means that even the most minor of details are taken into account to achieve the desired result. Milling operations such as grooves and welding edges are also possible.


The saw can cut anywhere from +60 to -60 degrees. If a profile needs to be cut in a D mitre, it is automatically rotated beforehand to ensure correct positioning.

Coping robot

The robotic coping robot can cut almost any shape. Pre-welding operations, double mitres, seismic joints (such as slotted holes), trims and recesses are some examples of cuts that the coping robot can handle. With the coping robot, we can machine all four sides of the material with exceptional speed and accuracy.