GB Steel Group will continue under the name of ‘TruSteel Group’. The name change is a logical step in further internationalisation and underscores the synergy of the various divisions in the group.

TruSteel Group is a proud family-run business that has been developing the most diverse projects in various market segments with passion and drive for over 40 years. From steel, roof and facade constructions to bridges and locks, and from recycling plants to tippers and containers, our eight steel processing companies literally and figuratively make short work of steel.

New era

We started as a builder of small sheds and barns in 1980. Now, four decades later, we have grown into a group with eight large steel processing companies. Each company in the group has its own discipline. Kampstaal in Emmeloord and Meppel manufactures complex steel structures for non-residential construction and industry nationally and internationally. Nauta Heeg distinguishes itself with heavy constructions for infrastructure, offshore and industry. Kamplacon in Emmeloord and Ootmarsum specialises in sustainable roof and wall cladding for residential construction, non-residential construction and infrastructure. Vossebelt in Geesbrug builds tippers, containers, loading beds and belt unloaders for the transport sector, municipalities and industry. MF Emmen is a versatile and modern engineering works that focuses on the development and achievement of effective solutions for clients' production processes. We want to convey (even) greater unity and solidarity with the new name and house style. TruSteel, the new name, aligns with our ambitions and core values. We are reliable (trust) in delivering quality and in fulfilling our agreements. We live up to expectations, we stand for what we do and we do what we promise. We are loyal and principled (true) in everything we do. This is what we stand for as a group, how we conduct ourselves and how we operate. Towards each other, but also towards our clients, partners, and the society of which we are part.

Three new labels

In addition to our five existing divisions, we have brought a number of activities together under three new labels, namely, TruSteel Energy, TruSteel Infra and TruSteel Recycling. TruSteel Energy specialises in energy solutions, including solar panels, energy storage, and charging stations. TruSteel Infra supplies complex hydraulic engineering constructions, including bridges, locks and pumping stations. TruSteel Recycling is a leading supplier of recycling solutions.

New website live

A new name and house style calls for a new website. After months of development, the time has finally come, we are live! Our new image will be incorporated into our communications with the outside world more and more in the coming period. And meanwhile, we will continue doing what we do best internally: putting our clients first and delivering smart and sustainable solutions.